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The Team

  • Marcus Baw
    BDFL and Clinical Adviser
    Marcus is a self-described 'General Hacktitioner' GP, Emergency Physician, specialist in clinical IT, and a programmer of an increasing range of languages that he barely understands. He founded Open Health Hub with Rob Dyke and Ewan Davis back in 2012, and since then has been trying to create positive change in NHS IT.
  • Rob Dyke
    Rob is a veteran practitioner of open sourcery in NHS-land. Iconoclastic, bombastic, almost EHI Healthcare IT Champion (2013). He's developed innovative products, successfuly navigated procurements, formed (unlikely) alliances, written award bids winning £ms for NHS orgs from tech/nursing/challenge funds, and survived the benign and benevolent effects of support from 'the centre'. Just. He requires little food, lots of coffee, has a photographic memory, and knows where many a skeleton is buried.
  • Kenny (Gary) Kennington
    Core Team
    Kenny has been working in Health Tech since 1999 with a main focus on Primary Care IT. His first hack was whilst he was still in the Navy as a Communications/Messaging specialist when his boss caught him playing Prince of Persia on a 16ft display screen used for Navigation training (Windows didn't exist then)! He is passionate about delivery of technology that provides ease of use to the front line practitioner. He worked closely with Microsoft during the NHS EWA years and was involved in the Primary Healthcare specialist group (Which is where he met Rob). Latterly, his focus has been on CyberSecurity and the education of the Front line user of Health tech.
  • Tony Yates
    Core Team
    Tony has been working in Health Tech since 2000. A fan of positive distruption and challenging the norm. Working with Acute, Primary Care, Commissioning, Digital Health developing many applications, architectures and digital services. Passionate about doing the hard work to make it things simple for citizens and users of technology.